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Service-Learning and Practicum Designated Courses for AY 2019-2020

The courses below have been approved for JHSPH designations of service-learning and/or practicum:

Course NumberCourse NameTermService-LearningPracticum
380.612.01Applications in Program Monitoring and Evaluation4thXX
550.864.01Baltimore Community Practicum2nd-3rdXX
380.640.01Children in Crisis*3rd-4thXX
BU 152.740 & BU 152.745 (Interdivisional)CITYLAB Toolkit & Practicum: Introduction to Urban Social Enterprise1st-2nd X
300.712.01Formulating Policy: Strategies and Systems of Policymaking in the 21st Century2ndXX
410.610Health and Homelessness2nd X
305.684Health Impact Assessment3rd X
550.601.01Implementation Research and Practice*2ndX 
340.698.01Methods for Assessing Power, Privilege, and Public Health in the United States4thXX
308.851PHASE (Public Health Applications for Student Experience)2nd-4th X
180.610.01Principles of Environmental Health II2ndX 
410.868.01Program Planning for Health Behavior Change Practicum*1stXX
305.607Public Health Practice2nd-4th X
224.697Qualitative Research Practicum I: Qualitative Research Theory and Methods*2nd-4thXX
224.698Qualitative Research Practicum II: Qualitative Research Theory and Methods*2nd-4thXX
224.699Qualitative Research Practicum III: Qualitative Research Theory and Methods*2nd-4thXX
300.715.01Research and Evaluation Methods for Health Policy II3rdX 
380.725.01Social Context of Adolescent Health and Development4thX 
300.840Strategic Planning Practicum (Special Studies Seminar)* XX
410.677.60Theory and Practice in Campaigning and Organizing for Public Health I3rd X
410.678.60Theory and Practice in Campaigning and Organizing for Public Health II4th X

*Note: See course comments. This course must be taken concurrently with its corresponding Practicum component.

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