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       Schedule of Cells to Society Offerings AY 2019-2020

  Term 1Term 2Term 3Term 4
Course #TitleA*B*ABABAB
552.601.81Foundational Principles of Public Health (0.5 cr)x   x x 
552.602.81The Role of Quantitative Methods in Public Health (0.5 cr)  x x x 
552.603.81The Role of Qualitative Methods and Science in Describing  and  Assessing a Population’s Health (0.5  cr )x    xx 
552.604.81Causes and Trends in Morbidity and Mortality (0.5 cr)   x xx 
552.605.81The Science of Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Prevention in Population Health (0.5 cr)  x x x 
552.606.81The Critical Importance of Evidence in Advancing Public Health Knowledge (0.5 cr)   x xx 
552.607.81Essentials of Environmental Health (0.5 cr)x   x x 
552.608.81Biologic, Genetic, and Infectious Bases of Human Disease (0.5 cr)  x x x 
552.609.81Psychological and Behavioral Factors that Affect a Population’s Health (0.5 cr)x    xx 
552.610.81The Social Determinants of Health (0.5 cr)  x  xx 
552.611.81Globalization and Population Health (0.5 cr)   x xx 
552.612.81Essentials of One Health (0.5 cr)x    xx 

*A includes weeks 1-4; B includes weeks 5-8