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Course Catalog

Service-Learning and Practicum Designated Courses for AY 2019-2020

The courses below have been approved for JHSPH designations of service-learning and/or practicum:

Course NumberCourse NameTermService-LearningPracticum
380.612.01Applications in Program Monitoring and Evaluation4thXX
550.864.01Baltimore Community Practicum2nd-3rdXX
380.640.01Children in Crisis3rd-4thXX
BU 152.740 & BU 152.745 (Interdivisional)CITYLAB Toolkit & Practicum: Introduction to Urban Social Enterprise1st-2nd X
300.712.01Formulating Policy: Strategies and Systems of Policymaking in the 21st Century2ndXX
410.610Health and Homelessness2nd X
305.684Health Impact Assessment3rd X
550.601.01Implementation Research and Practice2ndX 
340.698.01Methods for Assessing Power, Privilege, and Public Health in the United States4thXX
308.851PHASE (Public Health Applications for Student Experience)2nd-4th X
180.610.01Principles of Environmental Health II2ndX 
410.868.01Program Planning for Health Behavior Change Practicum1stXX
305.607Public Health Practice2nd-4th X
224.697Qualitative Research Practicum I: Qualitative Research Theory and Methods2nd-4thXX
224.698Qualitative Research Practicum II: Qualitative Research Theory and Methods2nd-4thXX
224.699Qualitative Research Practicum III: Qualitative Research Theory and Methods2nd-4thXX
300.715.01Research and Evaluation Methods for Health Policy II3rdX 
380.725.01Social Context of Adolescent Health and Development4thX 
312.621Strategic Planning Practicum (Course)3rdXX
300.840Strategic Planning Practicum (Special Studies Seminar) XX
410.677.60Theory and Practice in Campaigning and Organizing for Public Health I3rd X
410.678.60Theory and Practice in Campaigning and Organizing for Public Health II4th X

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