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Course Catalog

Course/Section Numbers Explained

Course Numbers

Course Number (first 3 digits)Department
120Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
390Clinical Investigation
180 - 189Environmental Health Sciences
550 - 551Extradepartmental
410 - 419Health, Behavior and Society
300 - 319Health Policy and Management
220 - 229International Health
330Mental Health
260Molecular Microbiology and Immunology
380Population, Family, and Reproductive Health


Section Numbers

Section Number
(last 2 digits)
Course TypeLocation
01Regular term, Regular cohortEast Baltimore
02Regular term, Regular cohortEast Baltimore
11Summer Institute/Summer 2East Baltimore
12Summer Institute/Summer 2East Baltimore
13Winter InstituteEast Baltimore
14Winter InstituteEast Baltimore
17Institute course during regular termEast Baltimore
18Summer Institute/Summer, International cohortEast Baltimore
19Special condensed, non-Institute (was 80)East Baltimore
20International cohortEast Baltimore
24International, not a Hopkins FacilityIndia
30Regular term, Regular cohortHomewood
31Summer Institute/Summer TermHomewood
33Winter InstituteHomewood
51InstituteWashington, DC
60Regular Term, Regular Cohort (Blended)East Baltimore
61Summer Institute/Summer 2 (Blended)East Baltimore
63Winter Institute (Blended)East Baltimore
67Institute course during regular term (Blended)East Baltimore
81Regular cohortInternet
82Internet moduleInternet module
88International cohortInternet
89Summer InstituteInternet
91U.S., not a Hopkins FacilityNew York
92Bethesda, MD, not a Hopkins FacilityNIH - Bethesda, MD
93International, not a Hopkins FacilityBeijing, China 
94International, not a Hopkins FacilityIndia
95International, not a Hopkins FacilityHong Kong, China
96International, not a Hopkins FacilityBanff, Canada
97International, not a Hopkins FacilityAbu Dhabi
98International, not a Hopkins FacilityBarcelona, Spain