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Alumni Profiles

Our alumni are doing incredible things. 

Each month, we chat with one of our alums to learn about where they are now, how the School prepared them to take on their current challenges, and revisit their time spent at the School. If you know of an alum who has an especially noteworthy story, please let us know at

Mary Anne Mercer

Mary Anne Mercer, DrPH 87, MPH 81

East Timor's Ministry of Health was starting from scratch, and Mercer knew a new system would not be established fast enough - or reach far enough into the mountainous, isolated rural country - to save all the women and babies who needed saving. How to reach them? Take advantage of technology and texting.

Howard Nelson-Williams

Howard Nelson-Williams, MBChB ’12, MPH ’14

Ask Howard Nelson-Williams, MPH ’14, to name one of his accomplishments and he may answer with a litany of successes from which to choose. Meet the Queen of England? Check. Change how medical students further their careers in his native country of Sierra Leone? Check. Save lives millions at a time? Getting there.

Alwilda Wallace

Celebrating the School's Centennial with a Special Visit to the School's Oldest Living Graduate

At age 99, Alwilda Wallace, MS ‘50, is the Bloomberg School’s oldest living alum. To honor Alwilda and the birthday of the School, fellow alum Wendy Kaye, PhD ’84, MHS ’80, visited Alwilda in their shared hometown of Atlanta, Georgia, and presented her with a few fun birthday gifts from the Bloomberg School.


Cathie Borrie, MPH '81

During her year at the Bloomberg School, alumna and author Cathie Borrie "learned how to learn" and fed both sides of her brain, which prepared her, two decades later, to write eloquently about her mother's memory loss.


Chien-Jen Chen, ScD '83

Renowned epidemiologist Chien-Jen Chen, an alumnus of the Bloomberg School who is credited with suppressing the 2003 epidemic of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in his island nation, took office in May 2016 as vice president of Taiwan, Republic of China. Chen is the first JHSPH alum to assume the vice presidency of a nation.

Vickie MacDonald

Vicki MacDonald, MPH '02

"Vicki is a great advocate for child survival, working tirelessly to ensure key diarrhea and pneumonia treatment interventions reach children in desperate need. She has spent years supporting programs in the field and brings an important practical side to research and policy discussions.”


Luke C. Mullany, PhD '05, MHS '02

Mullany saw landmine injuries and gunshot wounds at the rural village clinic where he worked in Angola. Power outages disrupted clinical care and vaccine distribution. He began to see first-hand how health isn’t always determined at the individual level and realized public health was his calling.


Tiffany S. McNair, MD, MPH '13

While her training as an ob-gyn established a solid foundation in caring for women at the individual level, preventive medicine helped crystallize her thinking and gave her the framework to address family, community, and society-level factors in a more systematic way.

Tolbert Nyenswah

Tolbert G. Nyenswah, LLB, MPH '12

As a child, Tolbert learned that crises - whether political or public health - do not respect borders. This lesson would come in extremely handy as Ebola cases began to be reported in 2014, when he was one of the first to advocate for a coordinated regional response.

Vickie MacDonald

Clarence Lam, MD, MPH '10

Physician. Biosecurity and health policy expert. Delegate to the Maryland General Assembly. And Director of the Bloomberg School's General Preventive Medicine Residency. These are the many hats of Clarence Lam, MD, MPH ’10,