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Paul UnschuldPaul U. Unschuld, PhD, MPH '74

Distinguished Alumnus Award

Professor and Director, Institute for the Theory, History and Ethics of Chinese Life Sciences, Charité-Medical University Berlin

Paul U. Unschuld was trained at the Munich University School of Pharmacy. In addition to his MPH '74, he earned a PhD in Chinese studies. In 1975, Unschuld was Assistant Professor in the Department of Behavioral Sciences at the Bloomberg School. In 1986, he became Director and Professor at the Research Institute for the History of Medicine at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet in Munich, Germany. He was a Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Berlin in 1998. Unschuld was named Founding Director and Professor of the newly established Horst-Goertz-Institute for the Theory, History, and Ethics of Chinese Life Sciences at Charité-Universitaetsmedizin Berlin in 2006.

In 2008, he was elected President of the International Society for the History of East Asian Science, Technology and Medicine. Unschuld's research focuses on the comparative history of medicine and related life sciences in China and Europe, with a focus on the history of ideas. As a leading Sinologist and expert in ancient medicine, he has published on the history of Chinese medicine, pharmaceutics and medical ethics. Among his recent publications are Huang Di Nei Jing Ling Shu - The Ancient Classic on Needle Therapy published by the University of California Press and The Fall and Rise of China. Healing the Trauma of History, distributed in the USA by Chicago University Press. He has published over 30 books on these subjects and is the world’s leading expert in ancient Chinese medicine.