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Nitish DograNitish K. Dogra, MPH '05

Community Hero Award

Associate Professor, International Institute of Health Management Research (IIHMR), New Delhi;
Convenor, Centre for Climate, Environment and Health, IIHMR;
Chapter Representative, Johns Hopkins Alumni India Club

Nitish Dogra, MD, is a public health physician, currently serving as faculty at IIHMR, a JHSPH collaborating health management institute in India. In addition to his MPH from JHSPH, Dogra received an MBBS and an MD from the University of Delhi. He has been a Visiting Faculty at the Dept. of Earth & Planetary Sciences, JHU, while on a Fulbright Fellowship.

It was in Delhi that he gained community experience at the start of his career working with urban poor children on air pollution and health. This led him to JHSPH. Armed with his degree he returned to India. Here he has catalyzed the field of climate and health with achievements such as being editor for Climate Change and Disease Dynamics in India, convening the NIH-supported Understanding Climate and Health Associations in India (UCHAI) training workshop and delivering an invited commentary at the 1st Conference on Health & Climate at WHO Headquarters, Geneva.

In the last 3 years, as the Delhi air pollution crisis has spiraled, Dogra has worked with JHU alumni, Fulbright fellows, the US Embassy in India, physicians, citizen groups and his own neighborhood to spread awareness for minimizing air pollution personal exposure. He was preceptor to Carolyn Hricko, an MPH alumna who got a best practicum award for work related to air pollution advocacy in Delhi. Dogra’s innovation linking a community-based air quality monitoring system with social media has been featured on BBC. He believes that science which doesn’t reach society, isn’t science at all!