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Lucy MarcilLucy Marcil, MD, MPH '13

Outstanding Recent Graduate Award

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Boston University School of Medicine

Lucy Marcil, an assistant professor of pediatrics at Boston University School of Medicine, has demonstrated leadership, outstanding clinical skills and a commitment to her patients while thinking creatively about developing strategies to lessen the impact of childhood poverty in the community – both domestically and abroad. During her medical residency, she learned that 20% of families eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) do not receive it. In response, she co-founded StreetCred to fight childhood poverty by providing EITC-eligible families with financial literacy training and tax preparation services during their pediatric medical visits.
To help scale up the efforts of StreetCred, Marcil conducted a needs assessments at nine clinics across six states; raised approximately $200,000 in grants, corporate donations and grassroots fundraising; and hired and supervised a team of seven staff – all while completing a rigorous medical residency program. Under her leadership, StreetCred has served 2,000 families, returning over $4,000,000 to families to date, with a return on investment of $20 to families for every $1 spent on the program. She has expanded StreetCred to four sites in Boston and several states nationally and is looking to leverage clients’ tax data to help them apply for other resources – all while working to expand the program nationally. Her work with StreetCred was recently recognized when she was named a 2018 TED Fellow.
Prior to moving to Boston, she created a care program for Namibian orphans affected by HIV and supported a community health program for mothers and children living in slums in Bangladesh. Domestically, Marcil worked in Baltimore and Philadelphia to alleviate childhood toxic stress.

Photo credit: Nick Ciorogan of the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation