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Delta Omega

2015 Scholarship Awardees

Policy and Practice

Jocelyn Kennedy - PhD Student
Dept: Population, Family and Reproductive Health
Advisor: Michele Decker
Title: Examining Links between Conflict and Interpersonal Violence in Liberia

Laboratory Research

James Gordy - PhD Student
Dept: Molecular Microbiology & Immunology
Advisor: Richard Markham
Title: The First Steps Towards Personalized Melanoma Vaccines: Utilizing an Adaptable Dendritic Cell-Targeting DNA Vaccine in a B16F10-Ova Neoantigen Mouse Model of Melanoma

Applied Research

Emily Carter - PhD Student
Dept: International Health
Advisor: Joanne Katz
Title: Measuring Child Health Coverage: Validation of Respondent-Reported Care-Seeking & New Methods for Estimating Coverage of Appropriate Management of Childhood Illness

BreeOna Ebrecht  – MSPH Student
Dept: International Health
Advisor: Pamela Surkan
Title: Developing a Stepped Care Model for Maternal Mental Health in a Post-Conflict Region of Eastern Uganda

Chang Shu - PhD Student
Dept: Mental Health
Advisor: Dani Fallin
Title: Integration of Brain eQTLs and GWAS to Identify Genetic Variants for Autism Spectrum Disorders