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Delta Omega

2017 Scholarship Awardees

Policy and Practice

Winner: Naira Kalra - PhD Student
Department: Health, Behavior & Society
Advisor: Margaret Ensminger, PhD
Title: The Effect of Cookstove Distribution and Agency-Based Economic Empowerment on Intimate-Partner Violence: Understanding the Energy, Food and Violence Nexus amongst Refugee Women in Rwanda

Laboratory Research

Winner: Hugo Jhun - PhD Student
Department: Molecular Microbiology & Immunology
Advisor: Sean Prigge, PhD
Title: Determining the Essentiality of Lipoate in the Blood-Stage Infection of Malaria

Applied Research

Winner: Ryan Andrews -  PhD Student
Department: Mental Health
Advisor: Michelle Carlson, PhD
Title: Examining Causal Mechanistic Pathways in Cognitive Aging and Physical Activity