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Delta Omega

2018 Poster Competition Winners

We are thrilled to announce the winners of the 2018 Delta Omega Poster Competition.

Please accept our congratulations to all participants for their outstanding work and presentations. The overall winner, Paul Nestadt, will have the opportunity to present his poster at the upcoming American Public Health Association annual meeting in San Diego in November. Please join us in congratulating the winners and all the students who participated!

Paul Nestadt


1st Place: Jennifer Motter
Title: Differences in Liver Waitlist Mortality Due to Geographic Disparity in Organ Availability

2nd Place: Sunjae Bae
Title: Survival Prediction in Kidney Transplant Recipients: a Tree-based Approach

3rd Place: Ryan Andrews
Title: Exploring the Utility of Cognitive Testing as a Public Health Tool for Older Adults


1st Place: Jason Huska
Title: Defining the Role for KCTD7 in Epilepsy and Neurodegeneration

2nd Place: Dana Freeman
TitleRotenone Reduces Global DNA Methylation and Alters the Expression of Parkinson’s Disease Associated Genes

3rd Place: Justin Jacob 
Title: Keratin 17: A Potential Regulator of Nuclear Morphology and Chromatin Organization


1st Place and Overall Winner: Paul Nestadt
Title: Increasing Prevalence of Opiates in Maryland Suicides, by Objective Testing

2nd Place: Anne McKenna
TitleScreening for Common Perinatal Mental Disorders in South Africa

3rd Place: Andrew Patton
Title: Low Resource Text Based Algorithm Identification of Opiate Overdoses for Public Health Outreach via EMS Records