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Delta Omega


The Delta Omega Alpha Chapter selects Bloomberg School students, faculty and alumni for membership each year.

To view the list of Delta Omega Alpha Chapter members, please refer to the National Membership List.

The Chapter annually can induct a maximum of:

  • 10 percent of the student graduating class
  • 10 percent alumni (i.e. 50 percent of the number allowed for graduate student induction)
  • 3 percent of the full-time faculty

Only students in the top 25 percent of the graduating class are eligible for membership. The Chapter sends a letter to students informing them that they are eligible for membership and asking for two nomination letters of support. One letter must be from a Bloomberg School faculty member. The second letter can be from any Johns Hopkins faculty. Students must also submit a self statement of not more than 250 words. The Delta Omega Alpha Chapter Student Nomination Committee reviews all letters of support to determine which students demonstrate current or potential qualities of outstanding leadership in public health.

Eligible alumni (i.e., alumni whose degrees are at least five years old) are nominated by other Delta Omega Alpha Chapter members for membership. The Delta Omega Alpha Chapter Alumni Nomination Committee reviews all nominations and selects alumni whose work in the practice of public health would serve as a model for future graduates of the School.

Bloomberg School faculty members are selected for membership by the Delta Omega Alpha Chapter Faculty Nomination Committee. The committee accepts nominations by department chairs and other Delta Omega Alpha Chapter members. The committee pays particular attention to outstanding public health performance in scholarship, teaching, research and the quality of publications.

Faculty/Alumni Nomination Form

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