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Delta Omega

Dues Information

The Delta Omega Alpha Chapter has induction, and annual or lifetime dues.

Induction dues are paid once when students, faculty or alumni are inducted into the Chapter. The induction dues are paid to the Delta Omega National Council to cover the expense of processing each new member into the Society. The National Council is at liberty to change the amount of induction dues. Induction fees are a one-time payment of $60.

Annual dues are paid once a year by all members of the Delta Omega Alpha Chapter. The annual dues are paid to the Chapter to provide financial support to facilitate scientific activities and to recognize students with scholarship awards and research support. The Chapter's Executive Board determines the amount of annual dues. Currently, annual dues are $50.

Members may also make a one-time payment of $500 instead of paying annual dues. These payments go directly to the Delta Omega Alpha Chapter Scholarship Endowment. For more information about the Endowment click here.

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