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Delta Omega


What is the Delta Omega Alpha Chapter?

Delta Omega is a national honor society for public health. The first chapter was founded in 1924 at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, hence the name Alpha Chapter. There are currently over 80 chapters in the United States with more than 13,000 members, of which 1,812 are in the Alpha Chapter.

Delta Omega membership is open to faculty, alumni and students in recognition of outstanding accomplishment in scholarship, research and practice.

Does the Delta Omega Alpha Chapter sponsor activities for current students?

Yes, Delta Omega Alpha Chapter sponsors both a scientific poster competition and a scholarship competition annually.

How many can be inducted?

The Delta Omega Alpha Chapter annually can induct a maximum of:

  • 10 percent of the student graduating class
  • 50 percent of the number allowed for the graduate student induction may be alumni
  • 3 percent of the full-time faculty

Who is eligible for Delta Omega?

On the basis of overall GPA, the top 25 percent of students each year are identified as being eligible for nomination for membership to Delta Omega. Therefore, there is no GPA cut-off as the distribution of overall GOA may change every year. Upon achieving GPA criteria, the Chapter sends a letter to students informing them of their eligibility for membership and soliciting two nomination letters of support from their academic adviser or other faculty members as well as a self-statement of not more than 250 words. The Student Nomination Committee reviews all materials to select students who demonstrate current or potential qualities of outstanding leadership in public health.

Eligible alumni (i.e., alumni whose degrees were awarded five or more years ago), are nominated for membership by other Delta Omega Alpha Chapter members. The Alumni Nomination Committee reviews all nominations and selects alumni whose work in the research or practice of public health serves as a model for future graduates of the School.

Faculty members are selected for membership by the Faculty Nomination Committee. The committee accepts nominations from department chairs and other members. The committee pays particular to outstanding public health performance in scholarship, teaching, research and the quality of publications.

How can I submit a nomination?

Alumni and faculty can submit their nominations throughout the year here.

Are part-time students eligible?

Part-time students are eligible as candidates for nomination and selection.

Are MPH-MSN students eligible? How about post-graduates?

Delta Omega considers current year expected MPH-MSN graduates in the student selection process, but post-grads (not graduated in the current academic year) are considered either in the alumni or faculty category.

How many letters of reference are required?

Two references from faculty members for each student are considered by the Student Nomination Committee. Additionally, a letter of student self-nomination is required not to exceed 250 words.

Is it possible to transfer into the Delta Omega Alpha Chapter from an undergraduate Delta Omega chapter?

Yes. Transfers must contact the National Chapter, however. Please email

What are the initiation fees and dues structure?

Inductees pay a $60 fee. Annual membership is $50 and lifetime membership is $500.

Do you have more information?

For more information about the Delta Omega Alpha Chapter, please contact us via email at Current Delta Omega Alpha Chapter members may also join the Delta Omega Alpha Chapter group on Linkedin.