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Raul SaraivaLetter from the Director

Guest author: Raúl G. Saraiva
President, Student Assembly

May is always an exciting time at the Bloomberg School. Graduation is a moment filled with anticipation and that overwhelming sense of accomplishment – not unlike when you first started your degree. This year, 850 students will graduate from the School, with about 600 of them attending the convocation ceremony.

If you are graduating this year, congratulations! It’s not yet my turn, but I hope to join you soon. If your graduation date is already in the past, congratulations as well – there’s an anniversary to be celebrated!

As our newest graduates start navigating their post-School careers, it is important to note that they are now part of your extended family – the School’s Global Alumni Network – and are just the newest relatives to join. Being part of this family comes with so many benefits. You and your fellow alums spread throughout the world can coach the newest members back into the workforce. The School’s faculty and staff will always be there to welcome folks back to Baltimore and exchange ideas. And our students will always and forever be eager to interact and learn from the alumni of this magnificent institution.

As these newest members make their way into the fold, make sure to reach out to your classmates and reminisce about your times at JHSPH. And, if you will, share those particularly funny stories with Jimmie Lou and her office at My fellow students and I would love to hear them, and perhaps get the treat of listening to it in person on your next visit to campus.

Stay engaged and stay in touch,

All my best,
Raúl G. Saraiva
President of the JHSPH Student Assembly