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Jimmie Lou DeBakeyLetter from the Director

Jimmie Lou DeBakey, Director of Constituent Relations

I am constantly amazed whenever there is a groundswell of movement, when people around the world come together, inspired by a belief in something more meaningful and larger than themselves. It makes me wonder: how can I help our Global Alumni Network feel that kind of engagement and inspiration?

And then I realized – you already do. You bring that unbridled energy to your respective communities everyday – living out the School’s mission of saving lives, millions at a time. You carry the public health torch in your hometowns, your neighborhoods, your schools, your fields of expertise, and more. You advocate your issues and raise awareness. Yet you might also be wondering – can you do more?

Because we know it’s so integral to much of your work, we’ve decided to dedicate our 2017 Alumni Day (September 15, save the date!) to the discussion of advocacy and awareness. From our keynote speaker to our second Stoop Storytelling session, we’ll be talking about how to put advocacy into practice.

But we want to do more for you. What tools can the School provide to help you feel comfortable identifying and speaking out for improvements in public health? What are the mediums that would be most helpful to you? Is it through regular webinars? Is it through webcasting more live lectures from faculty and guest speakers? Should we be partnering with your local network to develop workshops on this very subject? Should we develop an open forum to exchange ideas and thoughts?

As we move forward with planning Alumni Day 2017, please know you have our ears. Tell us what you want to see. Or email me directly:

Sending my very best,
Jimmie Lou DeBakey

P.S. Want to stay engaged? Join the conversation - use #JHSPH!