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Sommer Scholars

Sadaf Khan, DrPH, MBBS, MPH

  • Country of Origin: Pakistan
  • DrPH '11, Population, Family and Reproductive Health

I can make a big impact on the lives of families and whole communities through my work.

An outstanding medical student in her native Pakistan, Sadaf Khan had a comfortable future ahead of her. She could choose a specialty and eventually work in an elite hospital, enjoying the benefits afforded those who reach the pinnacle of the medical profession. But clinical experiences at Karachi's Dow Medical College made her reconsider that future. "During my community visits and clinical rotations, I saw that the major burden of disease I encountered could be dealt with far more efficiently and, more importantly, with far less human suffering by the public health approach," says Khan.

After earning her medical degree, working in community health, and receiving her MPH from the Bloomberg School, Khan returned to Pakistan and developed Safe Motherhood publications aimed at policy makers and established a home school for girls in a squatter settlement. Khan has gravitated to the field of reproductive health in Pakistan where she promises to be a public health leader. "One of my most cherished aspirations is the establishment of centers of excellence in public health in my own country," she says.

To groom a cadre of professionals dedicated to improving reproductive health in Pakistan

Current Position

Senior Program Officer, Maternal, Newborn and Child Health and Nutrition, PATH