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Sommer Scholars

Emily Stirzaker

  • Country of Origin: Australia
  • MPH Student


Growing up in Australia but spending much of her childhood in South Africa, Emily Stirzaker has always been passionate about reducing inequality—both in economic well-being and in health. Having witnessed the disparities in health outcomes across different communities, she developed a keen interest in economics and public policy.

After college, she landed a job in Australia’s Department of the Treasury where she helped analyze and implement funding for a variety of government services, including health and social services. After gaining experience in economic policy, she joined Deloitte as a senior economist in health economics and social policy. Here, she performed health technology assessments, cost-benefit analyses, program evaluations, and policy design in the health care, pharmaceutical, and nonprofit sectors.

More recently, she studied population health interventions as a research coordinator at Rutgers University, helping design and run studies on the health of underserved populations in New Jersey. She soon came to realize that a formal public health education, with training in biostatistics, epidemiology, and health policy would benefit her in such work.

With a Bloomberg School degree, she hopes to work on developing equitable and sustainable health systems that are prepared to deal with rising challenges including climate change and an aging population.

“The Master of Public Health will give me the technical capabilities, content knowledge, and leadership skills to be successful in my career and make an impact in reducing health disparities through public policy,” Stirzaker says.