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Sommer Scholars

Allyn Rosenberger

  • Country of Origin: United States
  • MPH/JD Student

Allyn Rosenberger grew up in Harrisburg, Pa., with everything she needed. But in the urban public schools she attended, she witnessed classmates struggling with food insecurity and how it dramatically impacted their ability to succeed.

With a mother whose law practice focuses on elder law, Rosenberger knew the power of legal tools to improve health. That’s why she chose to pursue a law degree focused on public health, augmented with an MPH from the Bloomberg School.

Rosenberger got the idea while taking public health classes at Georgetown University. In a class centered on health disparities, she learned the importance of systems in promoting health far beyond the individual relationships between patients and their physicians—a lesson that prompted her to major in health policy, with a focus on food and nutrition policy.

Rosenberger just finished her first year at Stanford Law School, where her studies look broadly at health issues involving children, such as mental health in the juvenile justice system and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), in addition to food and nutrition policy. After her year at Bloomberg, she will return to law school to continue these studies.

“Oftentimes, legal and public health spaces are kept separate, even though there’s so much to be gained in the public health space by applying legal tools,” she says. “Having both degrees will enable me to facilitate collaboration between these two fields to allow children to thrive and reach their maximum potential.”