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Sommer Scholars

Abhishek Raut, MD, MPH, MBA

  • Country of Origin: Canada
  • MPH/MBA '11

Abhishek Raut’s interest in public health first arose while working as a health educator for an NGO on the outskirts of the Himalayas in 2003. In those isolated, mountainous villages, he met people who had spent their entire lives without medical help. He saw infants and children suffering from easily preventable conditions due to their seclusion and financial constraints. “From this experience I came to appreciate the direct relationship between the health of individuals and the socioeconomic forces surrounding them,” he says. Through college and medical school, Abhishek had a public health career in mind. During his family medicine residency, he designed a research mission to India to help determine the vaccination rates of the country’s rural population. Using cluster-sampling techniques, the project will allow data collectors to access a small sample size of rates in order to obtain a more confident estimate of the immunization rates of the region. The investigation is still in the data-collection phase and analysis of the results is ongoing. Just before he applied to the Bloomberg School, Abhishek worked in a primary care HIV clinic in Lesotho, Africa, with a team of physicians and support staff from the University of Toronto. In a country where 40 percent of the population is HIV-positive, he strived to find solutions to issues surrounding the scarcity of medical resources, such as drastically underfunded social programs. He believes that Johns Hopkins’ interdisciplinary focus on translation from research to policy implementation will allow him to develop the skills necessary to improve funding and delivery of essential medical and social services to a community.

Current Position

Medical Director, Appletree Medical Group