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Johnson & Johnson Community Health Care and Scholars Program

Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ page will answer many of your general questions and offer guidance on what Johnson & Johnson is looking for in a competitive application. 

Much effort has gone into designing this page, so please take a few minutes to study it. Then, if you still have a question, please send an email to Be sure to include your full name and contact phone number, and to describe your question/issue as specifically as possible. Please note in the subject line whether your question is in reference to a GENERAL, APPLICATION, BUDGETARY, PROGRAMMATIC, or TECHNICAL issue. If the question is a technical one, please describe the problem and exactly what is happening. Be sure to include any previous correspondence in all e-mails so that we may reference it when answering questions.

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General Questions

Q: What is your contact information?
A: Our contact information is as follows:

Sierra Veale
Johnson & Johnson Community Health Care Program
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
624 N. Broadway
Room 261

Baltimore, Maryland  21205
(443) 287-5138 (phone)
(410) 510-1974 (fax)

Q: Will you mail me an application?
A: No.  Applications are only accepted through our online grant application.

Q: Approximately how long does it take to complete the grant application?A: There is no simple answer to this question. How long it takes to complete the application depends upon the applicant's knowledge of computers, the amount of information to be entered, and the speed of your modem. 

Q: To whom do I address my letters of support?
A: Please address all letters of support to Sierra Veale at the address listed above.

Q: Will you consider applications from areas outside of the areas specified?
A: No.  Applications will only be accepted from those regions specified.

Q: Will you accept applications from organizations that are located in counties of the specified cities?
A: NO. Only organizations located within the actual city or county listed are eligible.

Q: When will you announce regions for the next granting period?
A: The updated application and new regions will be available in early 2016.

Q: How does the application and selection process run?
A: The process runs as follows:

  1. Hopkins disseminates RFP (Request for Proposals), receives and triages applications.
  2. Hopkins sends regret letters to those who do not make it to the final selection panel  (which is composed of representatives chosen by Johnson & Johnson).
  3. Semifinalist applications are sent to a final selection panel.
  4. Final selections are made.
  5. Johnson & Johnson handles notification to winners.
  6. Hopkins sends regret letters to semifinalists.

Q: How many awards will be given out?
A: A total of seven awards will be given out this year.

Q: Who were the winnders for the last funding period?
A: Please click on our Current Awardees link for a list of the 2010-2013 funding period winners.

Q: Can I obtain a copy of a winning proposal?
A: No. The CHCP does not make available winning applications.

Q: When is a decision on winners made?
A: Final decisions will be made in August 2013.

Q: When are winners notified?
A: Winners will be notified by mid-August 2013.

Q: If we win, when will we receive the money?
A: If you are awarded a CHCP grant, you will receive your first check ($60,000) in October 2013.

Q: If we win, will we have to submit progress reports?
A: Yes, please see schedule in the RFP.

Q: May I send videos, publications, etc., to strengthen my application?
A: No. We will not accept any material other than what is requested in the application.  Any material of this sort will be destroyed.

Q: May I apply if I have no collaborating partners?
A: Yes.  However, your application will not be as strong as one whose organization has collaborating partners.

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Q: How do you define goal?
A: For the purpose of this application, a goal is defined as a general statement of a desired outcome.

Q: How do you define objective?
A: For the purpose of this application, an objective is defined as a specific, operationalized statement detailing the desired accomplishments of the program.

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Q: All of the funds for our organization are managed by a fiscal agent or another financial representative.  Can we still apply?
A: No. The organization that applies must receive and manage all monies.

Q: Should I just show my organization's total operational budget or break it out?
A: You must provide your organization's bottom-line budget.  You need not give a line-item accounting.

Q: Our program budget is part of a larger operating budget. Do you want our budget or the budget of the entire organization? (Hospital, etc.)
A: We want the bottom-line budget of your particular program.  Additionally, you should provide the percentage that the budget for this program represents as part of your organization's operational budget.

Q: May I submit an application for a project that as yet has no budget?
A: Yes, new programs are acceptable.

Q: Do you support indirect costs?
NO!  We do not fund indirect costs.  Indirect costs are those incurred for common or joint objectives and, therefore, cannot be identified readily and specifically with a particular sponsored project, an instructional activity, or any other institutional activity.

Q: I need funding for people already on staff, can they be included in the grant?
A: Yes, you may include present staff in the budget.

Q: May I use Lotus to build my budget?
A: No. All budgets must be created in Excel.

Q: I only have my budget in hard copy, may I fax that to you?
A: No. Please transcribe your budget into an Excel spreadsheet that follows the posted example.

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Q: What do you consider an advocacy group?
A: For the purpose of this application, an advocacy group is defined as one that pleads the cause of another organization for purposes of legislative change.

Q: Will you accept applications from referral or access organizations? What if we provide referral services?
A: No. We are only accepting applications from organizations that provide direct services.

Q: Will you provide funds for educational publications (books, pamphlets, etc.)?
A: Yes, as part of an overall program.

Q: Will you provide funds for software development (e.g., mediated education, CD-ROMS)?  Are these considered direct services?
A: Yes, as part of an overall program.

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Q: Does the person who registers with the site have to submit the application?
A: Several representatives may register with the site but only one may submit the entire application on behalf of a single program.

Q: How many documents may I upload?
A: Only the budget may be uploaded.

Q: I am having trouble submitting my application online. May I mail, fax, or send it as an email attachment?
A: NO!  Please allow yourself enough time to address all technical issues before submitting your application.  We encourage you to call early in the application process and as often as necessary to resolve any technical issues that arise.

Q: I am not sure if my application went through. How can I know for sure?
A: If your application was submitted successfully, you will see a message stating this and you will no longer be able to edit your application.

Q: My computer said that the time was 5:05 p.m. when I sent through my application. Was it still accepted?
A: If you received the message stating that your application was submitted successfully, it arrived on time. If you did not receive this message, please contact Sierra Veale at (443) 287-5138 and she will be able to tell you if it was received in time.