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Sponsored by the
NIH Roadmap Initiatives
Grant Number K12 RR023266

K12 Multidisciplinary
Clinical Research
Career Development Programs


Welcome to the Johns Hopkins Clinical Research Scholars Program. This program based out of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine is a collaborative effort of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Johns Hopkins School of Nursing and Howard University Colleges of Medicine and Dentistry.  It is funded by the National Institutes of Health, Roadmap Initiatives. We have the following mission and core values.

The mission of the Johns Hopkins University Clinical Research Scholars Program is to develop future leaders in clinical research who are highly trained in clinical research design and methods, skilled in the tools of clinical investigation, and able to work creatively and collaboratively with their colleagues in other disciplines to generate new knowledge to improve health.  We do this by providing individuals with rigorous training leading to an advanced degree, helping them to develop and execute a clinical research project, mentorship in a multidisciplinary and collaborative research environment and involvement in activities to promote career develpment.

Core Values
  -Creativity and New Ideas
  -Excellence in Scholarship
  -Collaboration and Team Building
  -Opportunities for Leadership
  -Patient and Public Health Impact

Multidisciplinary Clinical Research Career Development (K12) Awards:
Post Doctoral Fellows and Jr. Faculty

Fundamental elements of the training and career development in this program include: structured, core didactic coursework; practical training in various aspects of the design, conduct, and analysis of clinical research in team settings (e.g., protocol development, preparation of IRB applications, clinical research/trial management including patient accrual, data collection, analysis and manuscript writing); "hands on" conduct of a research project under the supervision of mentors and ; engagement in related career development activities (e.g., seminars, conferences, grant writing).

Core Didactic Training

Scholars in the Program are enrolled in one of three masters or doctorate programs in Biostatistics, Clinical Epidemiology or Clinical Investigation.  All programs provide basic and advanced curricula and instruction in aspects of clinical research study design, protocol development, study implementation, measurement, data collection, data analysis and manuscript preparation.

Biostatistics  MHS

Clinical Epidemiology Program  MHS and PhD

Clinical Investigation (GTPCI)  MHS and PhD

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A few of our K12 Scholars:

Dr. Amita Gupta
Dr. Amita Gupta

Dr. Patrick Brown (left)
Dr. Patrick Brown

Dr. Dorry Segev (left)
Dr. Dorry Segev

Dr. Megahan Arnold
Dr. Meghan Arnold

Dr. Susanna Matsen
Dr. Susanna Matsen

Dr. Eun Shin
Dr. Eun Shin

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