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Brown Scholars

Stephanie Farquhar

Part of what I’m doing is to let someone know that we are listening.

Stephanie Farquhar
PhD '12, MHS

Stephanie FarquharStephanie Farquhar is the Director of Research Services in Population Health at Children's Medical Center in Dallas, TX.

For Farquhar, the Brown Scholarship opened doors to opportunities—years ahead of schedule.

During her doctoral studies here at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, scholarship donor Eddie Brown invited Farquhar and the other scholars to a Greater Baltimore Committee Leadership Class Program luncheon in May. At the event, Farquhar met Baltimore Police Major Melvin Russell, commander of the Eastern District. “Not only did he eagerly offer to discuss the New East Side project for my dissertation, but he also invited me to participate in his efforts to integrate health care services in East Baltimore,” she says.

Farquhar focused her research on the response to relocation associated with the New East Side, an 80-acre redevelopment effort in East Baltimore that has been touted as a national model. She wanted to know what the process meant to residents and how it continued to impact them. Her work has consisted of interviewing individuals and their families to explore the health, social, environmental and economic impact on neighborhoods. Since relocation continues to be a frequent component of urban renewal policy, her findings will help influence future urban renewal projects in Baltimore and elsewhere. She hopes her work directly impacted Baltimore by addressing issues associated with social networks, food supply, transportation, job availability and other topics.