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Brown Scholars

Sachini Bandara

Rigorous research should not only uncover and answer pressing public health problems but should be used to build the case for positive policy change.

Sachini Bandara
PhD'18, MS

Sachini Bandara - Brown Scholars

Sachini Bandara received her PhD from the Health and Public Policy Department. She received her BA in Public Health from the University of California-Berkeley and her MS in Social and Behavioral Science from the Harvard School of Public Health. During her master’s program, she worked for the Baltimore City Health Department Healthy Homes Division and also assisted on a study of an intervention to improve health outcomes among Baltimore’s aging populations. Prior to arriving at Hopkins, Bandara was a researcher for the Pew Charitable Trusts working on an advocacy campaign to improve oral health policy. While at Pew, she conducted research for several state and local legislative campaigns to expand access to water fluoridation and dental care for low-income children. She also has experience working at local health advocacy organizations, Harvard Medical School and the University of California-San Francisco. 

While interested in expanding upon her work in oral health policy, her research interests also include identifying policy solutions to health disparities in the Baltimore and Maryland region, particularly those related to the criminal justice system. Broadly, Bandara is interested in understanding the development of state and local policies to improve health and how to create political environments that lead to the enactment of these policies.