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Brown Scholars

Nomi Weiss-Laxer

By focusing our policies and interventions at the family level, we up the odds of positively influencing the health and well-being of multiple generations at the same time. The key is to study what works and scale up those approaches.

Nomi Weiss-Laxer
PhD'19, MPH, MA

Nomi Weiss-Laxer - Brown Scholars

Nomi Weiss-Laxer completed her doctorate in the Department of Population Family and Reproductive Health. Her research takes a life course and family-focused approach to health prevention and promotion. Her dissertation characterized behavioral health symptom profiles among pregnant and parenting mothers to account for the complexity of need and trajectories of illness during this life period so critical to women’s, children’s, and family health. This work has implications for mental health promotion initiatives and health care delivery systems. She enjoyed rich mentor relationships at Hopkins, which led to multiple research and teaching opportunities.

Her master’s degrees in public health (Brown University) and Latin American studies (Tulane University) supported over fifteen years of work as a health educator, project manager, instructor (University of Miami), and social scientist focused on health promotion among low-income, minority and immigrant families. Her current research interests include addressing health disparities in maternal mental health and family-focused approaches to population health.