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Brown Scholars

Gia Naranjo-Rivera

I seek to conduct innovative research and develop programs to reduce disparities and improve social and health outcomes of underserved, urban youth and communities – especially Latino, pan-African, and indigenous people in the US and globally.

Gia Naranjo-Rivera
PhD'20, MPA, MA

Gia Naranjo-Rivera - Brown Scholars Alumni

Personal, academic and professional experiences have impassioned Gia Naranjo-Rivera to improve health and quality of life for low-income, urban, and minority youth and communities. She received a MPA and a MA in International Relations from the Maxwell School at Syracuse University and a BA in Political Science from Columbia University. Putting knowledge into practice, she has managed youth programs at the Harlem Children’s Zone and Inwood House, a residence for pregnant and parenting teen moms. Gia has also worked on human rights initiatives with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees and Human Rights Watch, and most recently served as a Public Health Analyst at the National Cancer Institute. Through these experiences, she discovered her passion for working with adolescents and the need to develop effective, affordable, evidenced-based programs to improve youth outcomes.

At Hopkins, Naranjo-Rivera sought to better understand the social determinants of adolescent health and development. She worked as a Research Analyst at the Center for Adolescent Health at Hopkins, and received an Urban Health Institute student grant to conduct a collaborative photography/videography project with youth in East Baltimore, exploring community perceptions of police and seek to improve police-community engagement.