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Brown Scholars

Fidel Desir

I want to witness firsthand the context of health disparities and their characteristic distribution throughout underserved populations.

Fidel Desir
PhD'18, MPH'14

Fidel Desir Boya - Brown Scholars Student

Fidel Desir moved earlier in his life to Puerto Rico from the Dominican Republic and later to the United States to attend college. Moving made him aware of the injustices embodied in health disparities. Eager to understand why Latinos living in the US were three times more likely than Caucasians to acquire HIV, he started medical school at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. However he realized that to make a change in the Latino community, medicine was not enough.

Desir completed his MPH at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. His goal is to "equip myself with robust analytical research skills in order to tackle health disparities from a rigorous quantitative perspective." During his doctoral program, Fidel's research will investigate the intersection between HIV health disparities and Latino health, particularly in Baltimore City. He plans to assess differences in access to HIV care, testing behaviors, and HIV health outcomes among Latinos.  

JHSPH commitment to leadership in HIV research, aligns with his future goals of making significant contributions to the field. Following doctoral training, he wishes to use clinical and epidemiological skills to become a leader in formulating evidence-based health disparities solutions and continue conducting research that will generate best practices for intervention.