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Brown Scholars

About the Brown Scholars Program

C. Sylvia and Eddie C. Brown established the Brown Community Health Scholarship in 2007 to train leaders committed to eliminating health disparities in Baltimore.

The Brown scholarship provides full tuition, health insurance, matriculation fees, and an annual NIH-level living stipend for the doctoral program at the Bloomberg School (up to five years). Scholarship recipients also receive a one-time research award to launch a community health project and participate in professional development activities. Small research stipends such as these act as seed money to allow doctoral students to begin their research and practice agenda.

Each scholar is paired with a Bloomberg School faculty mentor who makes a strong commitment to the student’s success in achieving excellence in urban community health research in Baltimore. The faculty mentor works closely with the scholar on academic planning, research and practice agendas, and to assure a successful career trajectory.

The Brown Scholars Program has helped nearly 20 students on their journeys to reduce health disparities and promote health equity. Each Brown Scholar comes to the Bloomberg School with education, experiences and a passion to improve health for vulnerable groups. They leave with a greater understanding of local health issues, increased methodological and content knowledge, a wider network of colleagues, and the potential to be a transformational leader at community, state and national levels.