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Scholarships and Funding Resources

Identifying Funding Resources for Education and Research

Identifying funding sources for your education or for your research interests can be challenging; requiring initiative, creativity and perseverance.

Many funding sources are available for both academic programs and research endeavors in the US and abroad, and the Bloomberg School has highlighted some options below. Seekers should not limit themselves to the types of funding that are listed, but should cast a wide net in identifying funding for their educations.

Types of funding include loans, scholarships, student employment, travel awards and grants. Successful individuals often utilize more than one of the sources identified and are watchful for additional opportunities. Funding is available for students at all levels of their academic pursuits.  

Institutional Scholarships


JHSPH and JHU Resources

The Bloomberg School and the Johns Hopkins University provide assistance through federal loans, private loans, grants and federal work study programs. JHSPH and JHU scholarships are available to qualified students as well.

Welch Medical Library Resources

The Johns Hopkins Welch Medical Library has an array of resources and support networks for identifying funding opportunities. Resources include National Institutes of Health (NIH) funding, other government funding, foundations and non-profits and public databases such as Guidestar, Research Toolkit and other government databases.

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Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health

The Association of Schools & Programs of Public Health (ASPPH) is a valuable resource, linking applicants to large search engines, applicant-specific scholarships and funding for minority and underserved populations.

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Networking with faculty within the Bloomberg School, or in the greater Johns Hopkins University, including the medical campus, allows students to connect with others who have the same research interests, training opportunities and academic pursuits.