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Applying to the Bloomberg School

How to Apply Videos

Insider Application Tips


Learn more about how to navigate the admissions process with this easy-to-follow video featuring advice from a current student.

A Guide for International Applicants


Get helpful reminders and tips to help guide you through the application requirements and documentation needed for international students. Check the Quick Reference County List for TOEFL or IELTS test score requirements.

Learn more.

Application Review/Decision Process


You’ve submitted your application, now what? Learn more about the application review process from documentation submission to an enrollment decision. Check the status of your application through your personal site.

Bloomberg School Student Stories

Students come to the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (JHSPH) with diverse backgrounds, and once they get to campus, they experience the school in unique ways. In our "Student Stories" series, we highlight some of our outstanding students and the things that excite them the most about their public health education. We ask them what drew them to the school, what they love about Baltimore, and what they hope to accomplish after they graduate.

Jasmine (MSPH '18)

Changing the world


Jasmine Walker (MSPH '18) talks about what motivated her to pursue a graduate public health education, and what she appreciates now that she's on her way to changing the world.

Gibbs (ScM ’17)

Community of diverse thinkers


Gibbs Nasir (ScM '17) guides viewers through some of his favorite parts of the city, the aspects of his work that appeal to him most, and why he chose to pursue graduate public health education at the Bloomberg School.