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Benjamin Ackerman



5 Years


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United States

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Educational/Professional Background

BA, Public Health Studies, Johns Hopkins University, 2015 PhD, Biostatistics, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, 2020

Research Interests or Career Goals

I just completed my PhD in March 2020. My dissertation research focused on statistical methods for generalizing findings from randomized trials to a target population, and transporting measurement error correction from validation studies to intervention trials. My applied public health interests include Autism Spectrum Disorders, mental health, and LGBT health.

Why I Chose Hopkins

I chose (to stay at) Hopkins because of the people. As an undergraduate, I formed close relationships with Hopkins Biostat professors, and with my TAs at the time who later became my classmates. I found the folks at JHSPH to be incredibly supportive, friendly and invested in the success of their students and peers. There are seemingly endless opportunities at your fingertips to get involved in high-quality research and to collaborate with brilliant minds all across the school and university.

Last updated 05/20/2020

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