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Ashley Arashiro

Master of Public Health


Online Part-time MPH
2 Years


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Home Country

United States

Educational/Professional Background

I have a B.S. in Scientific & Technical Communications from the University of Minnesota. I have worked as a technical writer at Symantec and Epic Systems in the US, and I now work at Forte Science Communications, a small Tokyo-based company that does English translation and editing of academic manuscripts for Japanese doctors and scientists. I also collaborate with Japan's National Institute of Infectious Diseases (NIID), where I have helped produce a report on an international meeting of dengue fever experts and publish a paper on traveler surveillance for imported dengue.

Research Interests or Career Goals

Near the end of undergrad, I started to want to break into the healthcare field. My interests shifted to infectious disease while I worked with NIID, but after starting my MPH and simultaneously becoming more politically aware, I came to understand that climate change is the largest and most pressing issue of our time. My goal is to work on the application side (as opposed to the research side) to implement programs and policies that will mitigate the effects of climate change, in order to protect human health and prevent humanitarian crises.

Why I Chose Hopkins

I was accepted into the MPH programs at Johns Hopkins and Emory at the same time. They are both top-notch schools, but I chose Johns Hopkins for two main reasons: first, the curriculum is endlessly customizable and very flexible. While Emory offers rigorous core courses in epidemiology and biostatistics (vital across all public health disciplines), the curriculum is almost completely fixed for all students. I wanted the chance to not only build a strong foundation in the core elements, but also explore fields of interest, as I started the program with a very vague idea of what I wanted to do. The second reason was fewer overall trips to campus. As I live in Japan and maintain a full-time job, attending the 2- or 3-week intensive institutes once or twice a year was preferable to Emory's policy of attending for 3 days at the beginning of every semester for orientation and at the end of every semester for finals. That would have added up to 18 round-trips over 3 years. At Johns Hopkins, I made 3 trips to campus over a year and a half and completed far more than the required number of on-site credits.

Last updated 03/05/2019

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