With Friends outside The CharmeryHonestly, I never turn down ice cream, but especially on a beautiful or hot day. On one of the first warm days of spring, my friends decided it was time to try the Charmery, a local, family-run ice cream store in Hampden that recently opened a second location in Towson. Both neighborhoods are about 20 minutes from the Bloomberg School.

The Charmery is known for some quirky flavors and vegan options. Flavors like Old Bay Caramel, Lemon Stick and Maryland Mud are a few that are based on local cuisine. While I tasted the Caramel Old Bay, its increasingly spicy aftertaste was not for me. Instead of my usual chocolate or mint go-to selections, I discovered Malty Vanilla Chip. For a bit of fun, I added gummy bears and then was charmed (get it?) when the spoon was a thermo color changing spoon.

Jealous of my dinner, I mean dessert yet? Be sure to check out this lovely, local favorite, especially on July 15 in celebration of National Ice Cream Day.Malty Vanilla Chip with Gummy Bears