You’ve submitted all your materials, SOPHAS has received them, but your checklist shows your application is incomplete for verification. Now what? It may be hard, but now you need to wait. Verification is completed by SOPHAS and is the process of confirming your academic history matches your transcripts and the validity of your recommendation letters. If your application isn’t complete and does not have at least two letters of recommendation or all official transcripts, your application will not be placed in the queue for SOPHAS to verify until those items are received.

You’ve applied, your application is in review and now you are wondering when to expect a decision. On average, decisions take 8-10 weeks from the time the application is complete, verified and has been sent for review. Once a decision is made, your personalized site will be updated to let you know a decision has been made and a formal notification will be sent via e-mail in the next 24-48 hours.

If your application has been in review for more than ten weeks, Admissions Services recommends you contact your department or program office for an update on their review timeframe.