Proposed mosquito emohiI’ll admit, when emojis were created, I was skeptical. I refused to join in on the fad thinking it would be over in a few weeks. Turns out I was wrong. And now I even have a bitmoji (a cartoon like version of yourself doing the job of the generic smiley emoji). For the record, I only use emojis for light hearted conversations, most commonly when texting family and friends. For example, how can you make arrangements to go to the State Fair without using a cow, sheep or goat emoji?

But a casual perusal of Twitter or Instagram shows just how often people do use emojis to express far more than laughing. When talking about the environment, an earth emoji can help draw the eye of somebody skimming through a social media feed. But when it comes to diseases spread by mosquitos, like Malaria, Dengue and Zika, what is one supposed to use? One person on twitter suggested the clapping hands are actually killing mosquitos. That’s why at the end of June the Center for Communication Programs and the Bill and Melinda Gate’s Foundation sent a proposal to the emoji powers at large (Unicode) for a mosquito emoji.

Next month Unicode will vote on which of the special few finalists will become emojis. Let’s all raise awareness and support the need for a mosquito emoji! #mosquitoemoji #scicomm