With the news on the Syrian war continuing to provoke horror, it has been a welcome relief to see news outlets covering the two Syrian doctors who were awarded full tuition scholarships for the MPH program starting this summer. The scholarship was created by the Johns Hopkins Center for Humanitarian Health in order to help provide support to recreate the Syrian Healthcare System when the war ends.

Dr. Alfred Tager and Dr. Mohammad Darwish are this year’s recipients and both express the desire to save the lives of their countrymen. “To me, becoming able to save lives on a much larger scale and help raise the health care system from under the rubble again and plan for the well-being of the generations to come is my dream,” Darwish says. “A Master of Public Health is a crucial step on this road and I feel very grateful to the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health for this initiative in a time where most of the world has turned a blind eye to the tragedy of the Syrian people.”

For more information on the recipients and the goal of the scholarship, you can read the press release and/or watch the abc2 WMAR news report.