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Take Our Survey!Did you receive a copy of our Prospectus?

We’d love to hear what you thought!

When you get a chance, please take our short survey (it’s just nine quick questions!). We’ll use your feedback in the development of future materials for prospective students.

Pretty please with sugar and a cherry on top (in health-conscious moderation, of course)!

Thank you!

Academic Prospectus SurveyWe are always looking at ways to improve our procedures and communication.

Right now – while many of you are completing applications or waiting to hear admissions decisions – our recruitment team is thinking about next year’s Academic Prospectus (among other things).

Did you get a copy of the current (2015-2016) Prospectus? What did you think? Please let us know!

We take your feedback seriously and will use it to improve our communication to future prospective students. 

Please help us (and them) out.

Take the Survey

(don’t worry – it’s short)