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In the last week, many students have e-mailed us regarding their test scores and the cutoffs or averages of admitted students. Unfortunately, Admissions Services cannot provide the answer.

Admissions statistics (e.g. average test scores, average GPAs, acceptance rates, etc.) vary greatly by department, program and sometimes even concentration or track. Public health draws individuals from a wide range of backgrounds and levels of experience. The number of applicants and number of available slots varies year to year. Test structures and evaluation procedures also change.

For all the reasons above, our office does not collect statistics for individual programs or for the School as a whole. However, since each department and program has its own admissions review committee it might be helpful to contact your degree program’s Academic Coordinator.

We do want to emphasize that our Admissions Committees review ALL components of the application (resume, personal statement, letters of recommendation, transcripts, test scores, etc.).  Again, check with your program of interest – they may be able to provide you with averages or competitive scores.

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