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On Thursday, the Association of Schools & Programs of Public Health (ASPPH) awarded the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health the Harrison C. Spencer Award for Outstanding Community Service. The Bloomberg School’s commitment to Baltimore can be seen through meaningful and lasting collaborations with local organizations and residents. Departments, centers and offices, particularly SOURCE, have all contributed to the partnerships throughout the city.

SOURCE works with students, faculty and staff from the Bloomberg School of Public Health, Johns Hopkins School of Nursing and School of Medicine by connecting those wanting to volunteer with organizations. In addition to organizing days of service and other community events, SOURCE offers service-learning opportunities. These efforts help students enhance their public health education and connect students with the community while ensuring both the community-based organizations and students benefit from the experience.

As part of the award process, ASPPH visited the School’s campus in early March and met with some of the community partners. In the School’s press release, Josh Sharfstein, MD, vice dean for Public Health Practice and Community Engagement, said, “Our community collaborations have contributed to improvements in infant mortality, reductions in overdose, assistance to individuals experiencing homelessness, support for teachers and schoolchildren, and many other steps forward for health in Baltimore. We are looking forward to growing these collaborations to accomplish even more together in the future.”

For a closer look at the work of SOURCE and to hear from the community-based organizations, watch the short video below.


When I think of what Career Services does for our students, I usually think automatically of the Career Fair. And while the Career Fair is the main event each year, (you can read my blog about last year’s fair here), the Office of Career Services does far more.

In addition to meeting one on one with students for career counseling, Career Services runs events and workshops throughout the year to provide career advice and opportunities to connect with employers. From tips on how to succeed when networking, how to arrange your resume and CV, preparing for interviews and more, Career Services offer a wide array of resources to help students and alumni be successful.

Career Services also maintains a database of Public Health jobs around the world exclusively for students and alumni. JHSPHConnect is a central recourse for students. In addition, through Passport Connect, students and alumni looking for jobs specifically outside of the US have access to tools for what is expected in those countries. In essence, it’s a globally minded job resource for our students and their families as they look for global jobs.

child holding globeEarlier this month our staff answered questions in a virtual chat. Some participating students knew exactly which degree they were interested in and what they wanted to do with it. Others were a little unsure of “public health” and what opportunities exist in the discipline.

It’s that last group of students I want to help today.

Public health is a broad field encompassing everything from the etymology of disease to health promotion, the molecular structure of viruses to health care delivery.  What you study and where you go after graduation is largely up to you!

Below are some resources for learning more about public health in general and the Bloomberg School specifically.

I hope this helps!

If you’re one of our beloved regular readers, you might have noticed that our posts haven’t been as frequent lately. That’s in part due to the season, but it’s mainly due to the production of the Academic Prospectus.

The new Prospectus is almost here! I have the proofs on my desk.

It’s lovely, if I do say so myself.

You may request a copy of the 2016-2017 Academic Prospectus online. A pdf version will be posted for your online viewing shortly.

We know you can’t wait!

proof sheets for the Prospectus

Take Our Survey!Did you receive a copy of our Prospectus?

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When you get a chance, please take our short survey (it’s just nine quick questions!). We’ll use your feedback in the development of future materials for prospective students.

Pretty please with sugar and a cherry on top (in health-conscious moderation, of course)!

Thank you!