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State of MarylandA few years ago, we used the slogan “The World is Our Campus” on our Academic Prospectus and other printed materials. With ongoing research in over 130 countries, that statement is certainly true.

But while the world is our campus, Baltimore, Maryland is our home. And today is a very special day in our home state.

On this day in 1634, 150 settlers landed on St. Clement’s Island to establish the colony of Maryland.

Three hundred and eighty years later, Maryland is the land of the Chesapeake Bay, blue crabs, Black-eyed Susans and Johns Hopkins University.

Happy Birthday, Maryland!

Four Seasons in MarylandAs more of our applicants are admitted, we begin receiving more questions about Baltimore and what it’s like to spend a year or two or five in our fine city.

As we brace for a winter storm, what better Baltimore topic to address than the weather!

Full disclosure: as I’ve mentioned before, I’m a native Marylander and I may be biased. But I did spend a few years of my life in Southern California where the weather is nearly always temperate and sunny. And you know what? It got old.

I love Maryland’s four distinct seasons. It’s true that summer is often hot and muggy, but the beach is just two hours away! Winter can be cold and snowy, but who doesn’t love a snow day?  And our extended springs and falls are heaven. But that’s just my opinion.

You can review averages and Baltimore weather statistics for yourself:


Appalachian TrailWe’ve talked more than once about our love for Baltimore. But there are times when one needs a little space from those one loves.

If one is in Baltimore and the outdoor type, one is in luck.

There are 66 state parks in Maryland offering hiking, biking, camping, paddling, tubing, swimming, birding, picnicking, climbing and everything in between.

In addition to the state park system, Maryland has 17 national parks, 1,513 listings on the National Register of Historic Places, two National Heritage Areas, Six National Natural Landmarks and 72 National Historic Landmarks. All of the above operate under the National Park Service.

And here’s the best news if you’re itching to get outside right now – it’s National Park Week!  National park entrance fees are waived through Friday!

 So get out there and enjoy some space!

On this day, 379 years ago, 150 settlers landed on St. Clement’s Island and established the colony of  Maryland.

The day is now a state holiday and is celebrated in both the original capital of St. Marys and the current capital of Annapolis.

With mountains, marshes, rivers, ocean and Chesapeake Bay  – Maryland is sometimes called “America in miniature.”  It’s a small state, measuring just 12, 193 square miles, but it’s the birthplace of Harriet Tubman, Babe Ruth, Billie Holiday, Upton Sinclair, Matthew Henson and of course, our own Johns Hopkins.

Happy birthday, Maryland!

Maryland Dove
Replica of the Dove, one of two ships that carried European settlers to Maryland.