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Over the last few months, I’ve interviewed students from different departments for Student Spotlights which will be featured in the 2018-2019 Academic Prospectus. While all of them have led to very different conversations, one answer has been very similar for every student. Whether they are in a master’s or doctoral program, JHSPH students come in with an idea of their career after graduating, but nearing graduation they view things differently. The reason? The classes and what they’ve learned.

As a large school of public health, there are a variety of classes students can take for electives. Students focus on their primary interests, but they are also exposed to perspectives they hadn’t anticipated. While Ellie Hwang came into the Master of Health Administration program in the Department of Health Policy and Management positive she would go into consulting after graduating, she was also exposed to the provider, practitioner and insurance side and now believes she would like to focus her career by working directly for the provider. Hector Carrasco, an MPH candidate, thought he’d return to treating patients and his work in health systems, but he now wants to continue his academics by earning his DrPH before putting his knowledge into practice (Hector emphasized that after his MD and MPH he thought he’d want a break from studying).

All the students I talked to were grateful and valued the classes and professors for exposing them to more career options and research opportunities. For them, it was an invaluable part of their education.

One of the questions we often get in Admissions, is what careers do students pursue after they graduate. This is always hard to answer because of how wide and varied the research, degrees, departments, concentrations and tracks are here at the Bloomberg School. However, I never thought I’d be writing an Alumni Spotlight on a Vice President.

graduated with his Doctor of Science in 1983 and became a well-known epidemiologist. During the 2003 SARS epidemic in Taiwan, Chen was the minister of health and it was he who implemented containment efforts and is considered a bit of a hero for suppressing the epidemic. In 2012, he received the Johns Hopkins Knowledge for the World Award for his work on arsenic and hepatitis. More recently Chen was the Vice President of Academic Sinica, much like our National Academy of Sciences.

As the new Vice President of Taiwan, public health will be a priority. For a full story about Chen, you can read the article in the Hopkins Bloomberg Public Health Summer 2016 magazine.

After a snowy, slushy February, we have sprung into March!

We have a number of events over the next couple weeks you should know about:

RESCHEDULED 2015 Public Health Career Fair

The Public Health Career Fair, originally scheduled for March 6, was cancelled because of inclement weather. It has been rescheduled for THURSDAY, MARCH 26. You should come! The fair is open to area graduate students and JHSPH alumni. Over fifty employers will attend!

New date for Career Fair

2015 Recruitment Calendar

We are steady adding events to our spring recruitment schedule. Over the next two months, Bloomberg School representatives will be at various venues in Baltimore, Maryland; Washington, DC; Boston, Massachusetts; California and Saudi Arabia. Check out our calendar to see if we’ll be near you!

Admitted Student Events

A number of opportunities exist for admitted students to learn more about our school, community and city. Two Admitted Student Visitors Days are scheduled for March and April. Eight virtual information sessions are scheduled between now and May. Dates, event descriptions and registration may be found on the Admitted Student Website (login and password required).

As always, feel free to contact us with any questions.

We hope to see you soon!

A month from today, the Bloomberg School’s Office of Career Services will host the 31st Annual Public Health Career Fair.

2015 Career Fair

This event is open to any graduate student seeking employment in public health.

Last year’s event attracted over 40 employers and nearly 600 students. Mark your calendar now!

Did you make it to last week’s Career Fair?

A lot of folks did! 596 to be exact.

If you didn’t make it Friday, here’s a little of what you missed.

Career Fair collage

Mark your calendar now for next year’s Career Fair, tentatively scheduled for March 6, 2015!