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With Friends outside The CharmeryHonestly, I never turn down ice cream, but especially on a beautiful or hot day. On one of the first warm days of spring, my friends decided it was time to try the Charmery, a local, family-run ice cream store in Hampden that recently opened a second location in Towson. Both neighborhoods are about 20 minutes from the Bloomberg School.

The Charmery is known for some quirky flavors and vegan options. Flavors like Old Bay Caramel, Lemon Stick and Maryland Mud are a few that are based on local cuisine. While I tasted the Caramel Old Bay, its increasingly spicy aftertaste was not for me. Instead of my usual chocolate or mint go-to selections, I discovered Malty Vanilla Chip. For a bit of fun, I added gummy bears and then was charmed (get it?) when the spoon was a thermo color changing spoon.

Jealous of my dinner, I mean dessert yet? Be sure to check out this lovely, local favorite, especially on July 15 in celebration of National Ice Cream Day.Malty Vanilla Chip with Gummy Bears

Transportation to and from campus is an important consideration when choosing where to live in Baltimore. Students who do not wish to bring a car to campus may use shuttle services provided by Johns Hopkins or use the Maryland Transit Association (MTA). MTA services include the Light RailLink, Local Bus Service and Metro SubwayLink which connects students throughout the Baltimore metro area to the East Baltimore Campus, where the School is located. Student parking is also available for those who choose to park near the East Baltimore Campus.

The Homewood-Peabody-JHMI Shuttle, fondly called the JHMI (pronounced Jimmy) shuttle, is a free shuttle for students, faculty and staff. For those who live in Charles Village and Mount Vernon, or commuters traveling to and from DC via Penn Station, find the JHMI a great option. The online map shows all the stops, as well as a time table.JHMI Shuttle

For students wishing to live in Patterson Park or Butcher Hill neighborhoods, the Route #3 Shuttle travels from JHSPH to the northwest corner of Patterson Park. This shuttle has limited hours, running Monday – Friday from 6:00 a.m. – 9:45 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. – 5:45 p.m. However, there is also an After Hours Shuttle (Route #7) that runs from 6:00 p.m. – 12:45 a.m. throughout the East Baltimore area, including the western and northern edge of Paterson Park. It will take students wherever they need to go within the highlighted areas on the map.

Students may also park at a discounted rate in the Church Home Garage between Broadway and Caroline Streets or the Ashland Garage on the corner of Ashland Avenue and N. Washington Street. To receive the discounted rate, students should come to the Student Affairs Suite, E1002 in the Wolfe Street building, to purchase parking passes. Parking registration can also be completed during New Student Orientation.

On Friday, the Admissions Services office set out for out Day of Service at the Commodore John Rogers Elementary School, which is five blocks from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

.Walking in Baltimore

Our group of nine split into two groups of two and two groups of three for a variety of projects. When it came to the artistic project, Raili and I eagerly volunteered. We quickly developed a plan for the mural.

Before Murual

Two and a half hours later, the entrance to the community food pantry was transformed.

After Mural

While Raili and I were painting, some others in the group put their muscles to use and faced the leaf and twig covered amphitheater.

Before ampitheater

Trees mean shade, but they also mean debris!

Erika rakes leaves

At the end of the day, the amphitheater was ready for audience members.

After ampitheater

When we finished the projects, we were still smiling!

Admissions Services

For much of the east coast, spring has been more of an extension of winter. However, the last week and a half has been a bit more encouraging. And those of us in the Baltimore area have decided that no matter the weather, we’re going to celebrate with our festivals!Live Band

Baltimore hosts many types of festivals throughout the year, but I think the neighborhood festivals are my favorite. Not only do you get to explore the vendors, you also get a sense of the hosting neighborhood. This week was the Towson Festival. Six blocks were shut down from traffic and filled with different vendors, community organizations and food trucks. I saw several chiropractors and community health organizations using the family friendly opportunity to spread health awareness and public health opportunities.

At the center of the festival was a large beer garden outside the Baltimore County Historic Court House that also had live music. At the point I took the picture to the right, the 80’s band was on stage and there were some 80’s enthusiast dancing right in front of the band. Not far from the beer garden was a second stage that had several different local performers, including the Ridgely Middle School Steel Drum ensembles

.Steel Drum Band

Many students at the School of Public Health value volunteering or working within the Baltimore community while earning their degree. Whether it’s through one-day volunteer opportunities, a volunteer partnership or through a service-learning class, SOURCE (the Student Outreach Recourse Center for the School of Public Health, School of Medicine, and School of Nursing) helps students find the right opportunity for them.

SOURCE’s annual National Volunteer Week offers popular events and culminates with the Spring Tri-School Day of Service. This year’s National Volunteer Week begins, Monday, April 23 and ends on Saturday, April 28.

The week really kicks off with the SOURCE Community Involvement Poster Competition. The event is a wonderful way to see how students, student groups and service-learning courses have partnered with Baltimore City non-profit organizations throughout the year. During the entire week, SOURCE will also be collecting toiletry items as part of their donation drive efforts.

For the Tri-School Day of Service, SOURCE has many different volunteer opportunities available to students. The projects for the Tri-School Day of Service, which are listed below, assist popular community partners that many students volunteer with throughout the year.

Tri-School Day of Service Activity List
BUGS Farmers Market – Volunteers will work with Living Classrooms’ BUGS (Baltimore Urban Gardens for Students) afterschool program to set-up and assist in running their annual farmer market.
YO! Baltimore Volunteers help clean and organize the clothing closet and food pantry at YO! Baltimore and help organize the commuter and file room.  
Blue Water Baltimore Volunteers will spend time in the community planting trees to support the diversification and expansion of the City’s tree canopy.
Civic Works Volunteers will assist in setting up and welcoming guests to an event commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Fair Housing Act and help a community beautification project.
Baltimore American Indian Center – Volunteers will learn about the indigenous people who call Baltimore home while assisting with exterior painting and beautification projects around the garden courtyard at the center.
Commodore John Rodgers Volunteers will help with a variety of projects at the school, including painting, to create a more welcoming environment for students and their families.
Amazing Grace – Volunteers will help this East Baltimore urban garden get ready for spring and summer while beautifying the landscape! Volunteers will help weed, mulch, trim bushes and pick up trash.
Franciscan Center Volunteers will assist with bagging and handing out fresh produce to individuals experiencing homelessness.