Coming from a small town in Central Pennsylvania where farms were abundant, I miss the farmers’ markets and driving up to the houses in the Amish communities for the freshest produce. I have been discovering farmers’ trucks along the side of the road, but I miss the experience of what I refer to as Farmers’ Market Day. When my coworkers told me about the Baltimore Farmers’ Market and Bazaar, I knew this was something that couldn’t wait on my Discovering Baltimore list.

Every Sunday, the Baltimore’s Farmers’ Market and Bazaar takes place under highway Mushroom Stand83 from 7 a.m. to sell out, typically around noon. The market usually runs from mid-April through mid-December. The market is also a bit of a bazaar where local craftsmen have items for sale and some vendors sell delectable items for customers’ breakfast, lunch or brunch. There was one stand that only sold mushrooms while another specialized in pickles. Add a fruit salsa stand and I was no longer surprised by what I would come across as I wandered through the expansive market.

I prefer to buy my weekly veggies from the small family farmers’ stands. This week I Knopp's Farm Standwas delighted by Knopp’s Farm from Severn, Maryland. Although I didn’t buy any sweet potatoes this week, I did purchase some juicy blueberries and a small basket of mixed squash. In addition to the last snow peas for the season and lettuce from a few other stands, I purchased some bread from a local bakery. The Breadery stone grinds the flour and uses whole grains, even in the white Montana Bread. I chose the hearty Orange Cranberry Pecan loaf, which makes a delicious peanut butter sandwich.

With free parking in a few parking lots and the Mercy Hospital garage, the Baltimore The Day's PurchasesFarmers’ Market and Bazaar was easy to get to and a wonderful experience. For all of you moving to Baltimore for the coming year, or thinking of applying to the Bloomberg School, The Baltimore Farmers’ Market and Bazaar is an absolute must.