Last Friday my friends and I spent the evening downtown. As we were heading out of the city, my friend excitedly suggested we get hot chocolate. As it was a cold night, I too thought this was a lovely idea. What I didn’t know was that she wanted a hot chocolate from Little Italy. My friend and I agreed that a cannoli would be a great dessert to accompany our hot chocolate. We quickly found parking not too far from Little Italy and walked to the Italian bakery.

The Little Italy neighborhood stands out from the surrounding area thanks to the multi colored lights strung across the main street that is filled with authentic Italian restaurants. When we reached Vaccaro’s, we crowded into the long line for a sweet treat. The seated section was already filled with people enjoying meals, pastries and gelato.

Pastry display at Vaccaro's

After the chilly walk, I decided to indulge in a hot chocolate as well as a mini cannoli. This hot chocolate was the best hot chocolate I have ever had. Besides being creamy, each sip burst with smooth chocolate followed by a nutty richness. The cannoli also balanced delicate flavors and is among the best I’ve tasted.

If you’re looking for a quaint neighborhood within Baltimore to live, I highly recommend Little Italy. And if you are simply looking for a sweet treat or someplace to celebrate finishing a project, finals or results from a research study, enjoy the delicacies of Vaccaro’s.

Me with my hot chocolate and cannolis