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Date: Sep 2017

Sending your academic records may seem straight forward, but sometimes it can be a bit more complicated. Below I’ve laid out some guidelines and advice for some trickier situations. In general, send your transcript(s) or WES evaluation to SOPHAS as early as possible after starting your application. We can add an updated academic record after your application has been submitted, but we can’t guarantee the committee will read the updated transcript.

Before Sending Academic Records
Before you send any academic records, you must start your SOPHAS application. On the Transcript Request form you will need to include your SOPHAS ID# when entering the SOPHAS mailing address. Not including a Transcript Request Form will delay the processing of your transcript. Also, make sure that you have listed the institution issuing the transcript under “Colleges Attended” prior to sending the transcript.

Paper Vs Electronic Transcripts
SOPHAS will only accept electronic transcripts via the Credentials Solutions (follow this link to the list of schools) and the Parchment service (follow this search for your school). If the school you’re requesting a transcript from does not participate than you must have a paper transcript sent. SOPHAS has full instructions on their webpage.

Will have Fall 2017 Grades and Program has a December 1 Deadline
This is probably the trickiest of all situations. Especially if you’re currently enrolled in a one year master’s program. In this case, you will need to submit a transcript to SOPHAS before you receive your grades. Even if the transcript is “in-progress” or is blank because of a one year program, submit it before the Fall 2017 grades so your application will be complete in time for review. If you send an updated transcript, Admissions Services can attach it to your application. We just can’t guarantee it will be read by the committee if it is attached to your application by Admissions Services since the committee may have started to review your application or completed the review of your application. If admitted, you will need to send a final transcript upon completing the program.

Will have Fall 2017 Grades and Program has a January 15 Deadline or Later
With a January deadline, you have more time for the US or English Speaking Canada transcript to arrive. Also keep in mind that registrar offices tend to close for at least a week between Christmas and New Year’s Day, so check with your institution on the timing of when the transcript will be sent out. If it is a transcript that needs evaluated by WES, do not wait for the fall grades as the evaluation process can take months.

Will NOT have Fall 2017 Grades
Once you start your application, send all your academic records as early as possible! Remember, SOPHAS has a special form to accompany your transcript and a code that needs included so the matching of the transcript with your application will be expedited. Keep in mind that December is the busiest time for SOPHAS and the Admissions Services Office which increases the processing time.

If you’re still have questions, don’t hesitate to e-mail us or call us between 8 a.m and 4 p.m. Eastern Standard Time at 410-955-3543.

Proposed mosquito emohiI’ll admit, when emojis were created, I was skeptical. I refused to join in on the fad thinking it would be over in a few weeks. Turns out I was wrong. And now I even have a bitmoji (a cartoon like version of yourself doing the job of the generic smiley emoji). For the record, I only use emojis for light hearted conversations, most commonly when texting family and friends. For example, how can you make arrangements to go to the State Fair without using a cow, sheep or goat emoji?

But a casual perusal of Twitter or Instagram shows just how often people do use emojis to express far more than laughing. When talking about the environment, an earth emoji can help draw the eye of somebody skimming through a social media feed. But when it comes to diseases spread by mosquitos, like Malaria, Dengue and Zika, what is one supposed to use? One person on twitter suggested the clapping hands are actually killing mosquitos. That’s why at the end of June the Center for Communication Programs and the Bill and Melinda Gate’s Foundation sent a proposal to the emoji powers at large (Unicode) for a mosquito emoji.

Next month Unicode will vote on which of the special few finalists will become emojis. Let’s all raise awareness and support the need for a mosquito emoji! #mosquitoemoji #scicomm

If you’ve followed this blog for a while, you’ll know that we participate in the SOPHAS Virtual Fairs. The next one is tomorrow, September 19. Admissions Services will be available to answer questions from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, with some department representatives also available for half hour to hour intervals throughout the time period. The MPH office will also be answering MPH specific questions from 1 to 3 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

You can register for the event and create an account or join the event on the day of September 19. You may also always contact Admissions Services with any questions via e-mail or phone at 410-955-0464.

On Tuesday, September 5, President Trump’s administration announced plans to rescind Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), also known as the Dream Act, without any new legislative solution. DACA allows young people who came to the United States as undocumented children to enroll in college and contribute to the nation. Since it’s initiation over the last seven years, Johns Hopkins has publicly supported the Dream Act.

On Thursday, September 7, Johns Hopkins President Ron Daniels and Provost Sunil Kumar wrote to the Hopkins community announcing financial support for JHU students directly impacted by this decision to complete their degrees, as well as legal and other assistance they might need. They also reinforced that campus safety and security officers do not “request information regarding citizenship, nor enforce federal immigration laws without a specific court order; and we will not permit law enforcement or other officials to access private spaces on our campuses to enforce immigration laws absent a valid warrant or court order.”

Since these announcements, Bloomberg School of Public Health Dean Mike Klag’s expressed his own supporting statement and pointed to stories including Hurricane Harvey rescue workers and volunteers, who benefited from DACA, risking their own lives for their fellow Americans.

You may read President Daniels and Provost Kumar’s full statement online.

Me at SamosBaltimore – and Maryland– cuisine tends to revolve around blue crabs. And, while I have blogged about my favorite crab cake and my experience picking crabs, today I want to introduce you to a wonderful little restaurant in Greektown.

On the corner of two neighborhood streets, Samos almost blends in to the row of houses. But, as soon as you open the restaurant doors, you are flooded with the scents of Greek and Mediterranean cooking thanks to the open kitchen design. With a full menu of traditional Greek food, it was difficult to decide, but eventually I chose two appetizers, the spanakopita and a lamb skewer with slices of pita. Both were perfection; the lamb tender and perfectly seasoned and the spanakopita had the proper amount of spinach to feta proportions. My coworker, Lauren, loved her shrimp gyro and cup of chicken noodle soup.

Lamb Skewers


Shrimp Gyro

If the pictures don’t further convince you of your need to visit this delightful, local spot, I don’t know what will. But be assured, you won’t be disappointed by this local highlight.