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Date: Aug 2017


That’s right. It rained. It poured. Baltimore completely missed the solar eclipse. My coworkers and I made a second attempt to see part of the eclipse by going to the ninth floor where it was at least dry and we could see some of the clouds parting.Homemade Viewer

Although I’m very disappointed to have missed my chance to see a solar eclipse, I’m glad we did try the ninth floor. There we saw a cute handmade projector and met a Ran-Der Hwang, a postdoctoral student in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and his son spending the afternoon tracking the solar eclipse.

Ran-Der and Jason Hwang

Jason tried to console me with a livestreamed view from Charlotte, NC.

View of Eclipse from Charlotte, NC

Ellen MacKenzieIf you follow our social media, then you noticed that the 11th Johns Hopkins Dean of our School of Public Health was announced Friday. I’m happy to confirm the news, that Dr. Ellen J. Mackenzie (PhD ’79, MSc ’75) will be our new Dean beginning October 1.  Dr. Mackenzie will be the first female dean in the school’s 100+ year history. Dean Klag, after taking a sabbatical for a long and well deserved vacation, will return to research and teaching.

Dr. MacKenzie came to the Bloomberg School of Public Health to pursue her Master of Science in biostatistics, stayed for her PhD (also in biostatistics) and then joined the faculty. She says, “My love for the field of public health and the school started as a graduate student in biostatistics and I have never looked back.” From 2005-2016 she served as the chair of the Department of Health Policy and Management and was recently appointed the 30th Bloomberg Distinguished Professor. She is an expert on trauma care systems and policy.

While we know becoming the 11th Dean won’t be a traumatic experience for her, I believe her experience of creating interconnected systems and sharing of policies to best serve patients will help lead the Bloomberg School towards its future.

You can read the full press release on our website.