If you’ve been following the JHSPH Instagram Account (johnshopkinssph), then you probably saw the beautiful picture from April 2, 2017 of the Bloomberg School lit up in blue lights. While April 2 was World Autism Awareness Day and April is National Autism Awareness Month, Autism research is a part of daily life here at JHSPH.

The Wendy Klag Center for Autism & Developmental Disabilities promotes research and education regarding the origins, detection, measurement and prevention of conditions that affect behavioral, socioemotional and/or cognitive development. As one of the centers and institutes affiliated with JHSPH, the Wendy Klag Center offers funding for student and post-doctoral research projects, student travel awards and internship placement. If the mission and research of the Wendy Klag Center are of interest to you, be sure to take a look at the opportunities available to Bloomberg School students.

And if you want to learn more about the Wendy Klag Center and the state of Autism and Autism research in the United States, enjoy this award winning video.