In Admissions Services, we are often asked about our alumni. Sometimes it’s difficult to answer where and what fields our alumni are working in because of the diverse paths our students take. As you know, Public Health is a massive field. Add in our ten different departments and twelve different types of graduate degrees, and you can start to see why we hesitate to answer.

However, the answers just got a bit easier to share! The recently updated Career Outcomes Survey Report is now available on the Career Services website. All living Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health alumni were surveyed and Career Services received responses from 632 alumni, with 52% of those responses from 2010-2015 graduates. Overall, answers date back to graduation year 1958. This means there is a mix of representation between recent alumni and mid-career to professionally seasoned alumni.

Career Services has provided several versions from the full report and snapshot, as well as shorter versions broken down by department and the degrees within the department.

You can also always check on our alumni, and even see who some are, on that Alumni Career Insights section of LinkedIn.