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Admissions Blog

Date: 2015

In the last few weeks a lot of students have been contacting the Admissions Office to inform us that they have previously applied and are now applying for another degree or are reapplying for admission and that they would like to use some of the same supporting documents. As long as y our first application was within the last two years we still have the supporting documents from your first application. Once you apply for a second time, we match the applications and pull the transcripts and test scores. There is no need to request this to be done as this is part of us processing your application.

Please note, however, that standardized test scores such as the GRE expire five years after the test date and English Language Proficiency exams must be retaken after two years.

Letters of recommendation are handled differently. Whether you are reapplying for admission or applying for an additional degree, your situation has changed since you last applied. Therefore we highly encourage students to acquire new letters of recommendation. It is required to obtain at least one new letter of recommendation.

When researching public health graduate programs, it’s important to discover the research projects professors, departments and clinics are conducting. But it’s also valuable to learn what some of the recent, and not so recent, graduates are doing and how they continue to be involved in the field of public health. For this reason, I’m expanding the Student Spotlight series started in the Prospectus to the blog.

VIR Band is put on a Baby
“An infant quietly allows a VIR band to be affixed at a Trust for Vaccines & Immunization (TVI) site in Gulshan-e-Iqbal township.”

For the first feature, I’d like to introduce you to Dr. Noor Rakhshani, DrPH’14, MPH’08. It was during her doctoral thesis research that she put together the pieces to save lives in her native Pakistani homeland, where she too almost died as a newborn. One of the major problems facing Pakistani children is access to vaccinations as well as receiving the vaccinations in the regimented time frame. Combining her research on vaccinations in Pakistani and time-dependent and temperature-independent indicators, Dr. Rakhshani received a Gates Foundation Grand Challenges Explorations grant to fund a study on anklet bands that would replace the paper vaccination card and help parents bring their babies back to clinics for their next round of vaccinations.

This project that began in 2012 has now received two additional grants to fund Dr. Rakhshani’s concept. Her initial clinical trial, riddled with political red tape, natural disasters, and deadly attacks, was successful and is now going to have simultaneous testing in Pakistan and Nigeria. Dr. Rakhshani came to Hopkins with the hope of Saving Lives-Millions at a Time. Through her VIR band, she is living her dream.

To read Dr. Rakhshani’s full story of her research, check out the Fall Johns Hopkins School of Public Health Magazine article, The Dream.

Happy December! Here in admissions we are back from our Thanksgiving celebrations and awaking from our lovely Thanksgiving food comas. We are processing your applications as they arrive, but I wanted to send out a friendly reminder that the below programs have an approaching deadline of December 15.

Doctoral programs in the departments of:

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Environmental Health Sciences

International Health

Mental Health

The fulltime MPH and the Online/Part-time MPH with the June start date also have a deadline of December 15.

Give us a call at 410-955-3543 or e-mail us at  if you have questions about your application. For application instructions, see How to Apply.

For the rest of you, this is also a friendly reminder to flip your calendar!

TurkeyHappy thanksgiving from all of us in Admission Services to you! We hope you are gobbling up some delicious food with family and friends.

The office is closed for the holiday today and tomorrow. We will return at our regular times on Monday, November 30th.

There is exciting news here at the Bloomberg School! The Welch Scholarship of W.H. Welch$20,000 has been established for Online/Part-time MPH students beginning the program effective January 2016. This $20,000 scholarship, which is a tuition scholarship of $250 per credit, is incrementally disbursed for up to 80 credits and can be used for online or in-person classes and for institute or regular term courses.

We encourage you to read more about the Welch Scholarship, and as always, please let us know if you have any questions. Please note that the admissions deadline for the Online/Part-time MPH starting in June 2016 is December 15, less than a month away.