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Admissions Blog

Date: Aug 2015

RecruitingHave you seen our Recruitment Calendar?

Next week, we’ll virtually chat with prospective students via the SOPHAS Virtual Fair and then we’re off on some real world travel. Bloomberg School representatives will be in New York City, Atlanta, Orlando, Williamsburg, Philadelphia, Syracuse, Boston and more!

Will we be in your neck of the woods? Check our calendar to find out!

Hope to see you soon!

Open!We’re still welcoming this year’s incoming students, but we’re also welcoming our first applications for next year!

The Application for the 2016-2017 Academic Year is Open.

Remember: know your program!

The Bloomberg School uses two separate application systems. The program you’re applying to dictates which application you use.

Thoroughly research our academic offerings. Be familiar with the application process for your program of interest before you apply. And as always, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Best wishes to you and your application!

Welcome new students!

We’re so glad to meet you!

Fall Orientation 2015

Only one week until Fall Orientation!

500 agendas are printed.

500 cups of coffee are ordered.

500 Centennial water bottles are washed and waiting

I think we’re ready. Are you?

Centennial water bottle

Viewing the ComputerAre you anxious to apply to a program beginning summer or fall of 2016?

Get ready! The 2016-2017 application opens next week!

We posted updated charts of program-specific and deadlines. There were some changes from previous years, so pay close attention.

Know Your Program!

We can’t say it enough.

and deadlines – even the application itself (!) – vary by department, degree and sometimes degree track. Make sure to do your research, know the program you’re applying to, its application, and deadlines.

Best wishes to you and your application!